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Last Collection Times-Post Office Dartford.  This post box is emptied from Monday to Friday at 18:15. A Dartford Postbox Latest Collection is made at 18:30. On Saturdays, the collections are made at 12:30.

There are no Sunday collections from this Dartford postbox. The post from most other postboxes during the week are collected at more or less at the same time, with a small time difference of approximately 30 minutes.

On Saturdays, the difference in collection times differs more significantly.  To check the Saturday collection times, please read the related posts.

Why you need to know the last collection times Post Office Dartford

Mail is collected from the postboxes of Dartford several times a day. This mail is taken to the post office, where it is sorted for delivery. Postal workers then deliver the mail to its destination. If the mail has a first-class stamp, it is delivered on the highest priority. Meanwhile, second class mail is delivered more slowly. The first-class post may arrive the next working day, and should never take longer than 48 hours (unless delivered after a weekend/bank holiday).

Whether post is collected from a postbox or from Dartford Post Office, it is all sorted and distributed according to these schedules. Posting at Dartford Post Office does not guarantee faster mail delivery. However, it does offer one of the latest collections in town. The last collection times Post Office Dartford offers are 18:30 on weekdays and 12:30 on a Saturday.

Dartford postal service

Though email and social media are extremely popular methods of communication, the post-service is still well used by Dartford residents. Mail is a great way to send personal messages. Cards for special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, are often sent in the post. This kind of mail needs to arrive on time, which is why it is so important to know when the last collection times are! Thankfully, Dartford offers late collections for residents. You can post your mail well into the early evening, and still benefit from same day collection and next day delivery.