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Dartford Piano Removals

Moving a piano is a specialist task that should always be trusted to a professional. If you’re looking for a reliable Dartford Piano Removals, Dartford Removals can help.

Our removals team offers a piano moving service that’s safe, quick and reliable. You can be sure that your instrument is in the best of hands when you call in the experts.

From your instrument at home to the piano in your bar or at your concert hall, pianos of all size can be quickly and carefully transported in our spacious vehicles.

Moving a piano by yourself is a dangerous task because you could end up damaging the piano or injuring yourself. With a trained piano removals team, you’re free from risk. You can relax knowing that your piano is not only being moved by professionals. You also know the move is covered by comprehensive insurance, for your peace of mind.

Moving a piano? Make the process easy – get your piano ready now

If your piano is being moved, make sure that the lid is locked down to prevent any damage during transit. Don’t forget to store the key somewhere safe! If we’re also packing up your belongings, we can make sure that the key is easy to locate on arrival at the new premises. Put your trust in our packing and labelling services.

Covering your piano will protect it against knocks and scrapes during the move. This will also protect walls and other furniture against inevitable contact while the piano is being relocated. Blankets are ideal for this task. For fully fitted protection and waterproofing, we can also supply you with covers and piano shoes as part of the service. Ask for covers when you book your move and we will supply them on the day. You can also buy direct from our packaging materials store.

A trusted team for Dartford Piano Removals

When you let a professional removals team take care of moving your instrument, you get a worry-free moving experience. You also get the security of our guarantees and insurance. We know how precious your instrument is. That is why we take great care of it.

Moving home? If you’re looking for a removals firm who can handle your relocation, choose Dartford Removals. From pianos and antique furniture to electrical equipment and clothing, we can transport any item from Dartford to any UK destination. For more information on our services, request a free quote online now.