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Dartford Post Box Latest Collection takes place from the Postbox located at the corner of Market Place and Dartford High Street. From Monday to Friday this Postbox is emptied at 18:30 and on Saturdays, at 12:30.  There are no Sunday or later collections in Dartford. The letters from all other postboxes in Dartford are collected more or less at the same time. There is approximately 30 minutes difference between them.  For example, the Last Collection Time Postbox Dartford Station takes place at 18:15.

It is important to know the Dartford Post Box latest collection because this will ensure that your mail arrives at its destination on time. Prompt collection of your letters and parcels will speed up delivery times. Dartford is well served by an experienced, fast and reliable Royal Mail service. Late collections and early deliveries provide flexibility for you.

Don’t miss the Dartford Post Box Latest Collection!

Catching the last post means your letters will be sorted and delivered without delay. If you miss the latest collection, your mail will be held up for at least a day as a result. You can speed up delivery of your post by mailing letters in Dartford before the 18:30 collection cut-off.

Mail is still a popular method of communication. The most common reasons for sending mail include birthday and occasion cards, work documents, or letters to friends and loved ones. Some mail items are more urgent than others. A birthday card needs to arrive on the right day, for example, while a friendly letter can afford a delay.

If you post a letter using a first class stamp, and it is collected that same day, then it will be delivered on top priority. In some cases, this means next day delivery! Even a second class mail item will arrive within 3-5 working days.

Local and national mail from Dartford

Post mail with confidence from any of Dartford’s post boxes. These secure deposit boxes collect the day’s mail. Once the box is full, the postmen and women of Dartford will empty the mail and take it for sorting. So long as you post before the day’s latest collection time, your mail will be swiftly sorted and delivered to its destination. If you do miss that late collection, your items will remain in the postbox until the next day’s collection.