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The process of moving home consists of many steps. Once you have decided that it is time for the next chapter, you may need to deal with estate agents and mortgage advisors, tackle property viewings and make an offer on your new dream home. Phew! The agonising wait for your new abode is finally over. After all the logistics and paperwork, you can relax and browse through that stack of home interior magazines. But before long, you need to start thinking about what is coming with you to your new home and how it is getting there. Here begins the clear-out, where you must get ruthless in deciding which belongings will be packed up and what will be sold or donated. With that in mind, Dartford Removals will give you an answer to ‘do removal companies provide boxes?’

With the average number of cardboard boxes needed to move house landing between 50 and 70, it is clear that we all own a lot of stuff. Once you have decided what makes the cut, you will need to source packing materials and arrange to move to your new home. Regarding moving day, hiring a removals company is a brilliant idea to ensure everything goes smoothly. These professionals can safely transport your furniture and belongings between properties. But can they help with the packing process? Thankfully, the answer is yes! Most removals companies are happy to provide you with a Dartford professional packing service to give you one less thing to worry about.

Do removal men pack for you?

Moving house is a personal experience, and it is only natural to want to project manage every step. It may help you feel productive initially, but it can become overwhelming. Don’t hesitate to ask for help where you need it. Fortunately, many removals companies offer a packing service and will take care of this for you. This service is excellent if you are short on time or have delicate pieces that you would like help moving. It provides much-needed peace of mind that your belongings will safely arrive at your new home.

Does moving company provide boxes?

Many removals companies can provide boxes for packing your belongings, usually at an extra cost. You can sometimes source boxes for free or low cost from shops or your local community. However, buying them from your removal company can save time searching for spare boxes. An advantage of getting boxes from your moving company is that the professionals can advise on what kind of boxes you need and how many.

They are also likely to be better quality than the used grocery cardboard boxes you can source from supermarkets. Many companies also offer a moving home kit with extras such as solid tape and bubble wrap. If you would like your moving company to provide boxes, tell them in advance so you can receive them in enough time to pack up your home. Alternatively, you can leave the packing and heavy lifting to a professional company.

Does everything have to be in boxes for movers?

You should check this with your removal company, but boxes are generally the most practical containers to use when moving home. Whether the boxes are cardboard or plastic, they are sturdy and easy to carry. Their shape allows them to fit nicely into a van, so we recommend always using boxes to protect your items. Don’t forget to label your boxes, so your movers know which rooms to put them in! So, if you keep asking yourself, ‘do removal companies provide boxes?’, then you know your removal company will certainly have an answer to that.

How do you pack a removal box?

Packing your belongings into boxes to move home can be more complicated than you think. It can be a messy and stressful task that you want to put off until the last minute. Thankfully, we have some tips that will make packing simple!

1. Choose your packing materials wisely.

It would help if you used solid, high-quality boxes to hold your belongings. You may want to source a range of sizes for packing up different rooms. It is also a good idea to buy bubble wrap and tape to prevent any items from being damaged. As discussed above, removal companies usually provide all the necessary packing materials. If you want to get an idea of the kind of packaging supplies needed for a move, then check out our blog on packaging supplies for removal.

2. Label your boxes

Labelling your boxes will make life easier when it comes to unpacking your belongings. You should also state which boxes contain fragile items, so your movers know to be extra careful. If you have time when packing the boxes, you can even write a list of what the box contains so you can easily find what you need when you arrive in your new home.

3. Make sure you prepare electrical goods for moving.

Appliances such as fridges and washing machines will need to be disconnected before your movers arrive. For items with a water line, such as dishwashers, you may want to consult a professional for safe disconnection. We hope you got your answer to the question ‘do removal companies provide boxes?’ Armed with these tips, you can make your moving day a breeze!