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Packaging Supplies for Removal

Whether you’re planning a home move or a business relocation, you’ll need packaging supplies for the removal of your belongings. Using the right materials for the task at hand will make packing everything up much easier, and will also ensure that everything is easy to find and unpack when you reach your destination.

From cardboard boxes to polystyrene and packing tape, Dartford Removals can supply everything you need to safely and quickly pack up your possessions.

Order now and we’ll deliver direct to your door – we can even arrange a full packing service to help you!
If you’re looking for packaging supplies, choose Dartford Removals.

Packaging Supplies for Removal

Cardboard boxes

The classic staple of any home move, cardboard boxes are a lightweight, easy to store option for most household items. From clothing and soft furnishings to cutlery, toys and ornaments, cardboard boxes hold large quantities of items and keep them safe during transit. With sizes available to suit any need, order your cardboard boxes today and get ready for your home or business relocation.

Archive boxes and document storage

Transporting your business’ paperwork and files to a new building? Need to move private documents safely and securely? Make sure everything is properly stored and easy to find with specialist archive boxes, storage folders and more. Each box can be individually labelled for easy access, and sealed for secure and confidential relocation.

Plastic boxes

Need a more heavyweight option than traditional cardboard boxes? If you’re moving large items like electrical equipment, tools or machinery components, plastic boxes are a much more secure option. With a variety of capacities to choose from, you’ll find boxes to suit any need at great low rates when you order your packaging supplies from Dartford Removals.

Packing tape

When you need to seal up boxes, secure the bottoms of heavy loads or ensure that parts of your furniture stay together, strong packing tape is the perfect solution. Easy to remove without leaving marks on your possessions, packing tape is essential for any move.

Bubble wrap and polystyrene

If you’re putting items into boxes, they may move around and become damaged. Packing foam pieces and polystyrene beads are designed to protect goods during transportation and are ideal for moving electricals and other delicate goods. For large and bulky items such as furniture, or for delicate equipment like musical instruments and bicycles, bubble wrap is also available to protect against damage during your move.

Protective covers

Moving antique furniture? Transporting your piano to a new location? Purpose-designed covers can prevent damage during travel and ensure that specialist items arrive at their destination unharmed. You can order protective covers for your move when you get in touch with Dartford Removals today.

All packaging supplies are available at amazing low prices and orders can also be tailored to suit your needs. Not sure what you’ll require? Arrange a consultation with our removals team while we help you to plan your move. Get your free quote today >>