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The Dartford Farmers Market takes place at Dartford High Street every third Friday of each month. It starts at 10:00AM and closes at 2:00PM.



If you are searching for the freshest produce in Dartford, you need to check out the Dartford Farmers Market. Tasty agricultural produce is on offer at this collection of stalls and stands. The market is held in the centre of Dartford, close to popular hotels and shops. It is perfect for residents and visitors alike. Local farmers flock to this market because it is such a popular place for customers to shop.

About the Dartford Farmers Market

The farmers market in Dartford has been running for over 14 years. There has been a market every month since it opened in 2005. These occur around the middle of every month, on the third Friday. This is great for visitors to the town who are enjoying a long weekend. You should time your stay so that you can attend the market! It is also convenient for residents who are free in the day and especially for parents who want to shop without children.

Things to do in Dartford

Along with the farmers market, there are lots of activities and places to visit in Dartford. Learn more about the town’s history with a visit to the Dartford Borough Museum. There is also the town centre to enjoy, with its many shops, bars and restaurants. Stay in the heart of Dartford so you have easy access to the town itself.

Dartford is also ideally located for travel into London. Stay in this picturesque town to enjoy the relaxing quiet of a small town break but the convenience of city access. Dartford is close to the River Thames and also located on the River Darent. There are plenty of green areas in the town, including the riverside park and Dartford Heath.