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15 Innovations Dartford Industrial History

Dartford Industrial History

  Did you now that some features of Dartford Industrial History had significant influence on they way we live today?  Some of the innovations in products and services first build and used in Dartford changed the way things were manufactured in England and in the World. (more…)...
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Read the quasi-millenium long story about Dartford High Street

Dartford High Street has a long and interesting story to tell.  Some of the buildings located here were built hundreds years ago.  Lets start this short article about Dartford High Street by introducing the local church.

Holy Trinity Church in Dartford

The Church may have been build in the Anglo-Saxon period since features believed to be pre-Norman Conquest were revealed inside the bottom stage of the tower in 1996. The basic layout of the present church however dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries. The Holy Trinity Church has a...
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